iSlices4> FEB12

Good Morning team!!!

I cannot thank u WordPress people enough for all of the help that you have been giving me of late.

And I cannot thank u WordPress people enough for all the help that u have been giving me for so long now.

i will never forget ALL OF YOU.

JOHN DENVER Sunshine on my shoulders with lyrics >

THANKFULLY, us WordPress Warriors finally got some REAL HELP, when the GOOGLE GORILLA walked into the room.

Nobody messes with Google is they know what is good for them.

Google is now doing a 51%/49% iROCK venture capital deal with us WordPress Warriors (and some other folks, to include Facebook, other Silicon Valley Players, and the Original Founders of Woodstock!).

Thank GOD 4 GOOGLE! (and FACEBOOK 2!)

The Feds would be wise to back off of us now.

I am NOT WORRIED ABOUT the Mafia AT ALL Right Now.

They Got Smart, and “Switched Sides without telling anybody” I think.

They are going to help us when the time is right (I think).


Or perhaps *that time* is a week or two before iROCK in a room with Google and Facebook and WordPress and I so that “we can all be prepared”.

Until the Above Mentioned Point in Time, my Advice 2 the Mafia is 2 Lay Low And Remain Silent on this.

mum’s the word


My Amtrak train ticket is booked for the 28th, to arrive on the 3rd (i think).

I am in No Danger whatsoever here, so I guess I could just do what I am doing, and jump on the train then.

Working together as we have been since the 1st of FEB, WE SURE BURIED THE FEDS WITH THE TRUTH…

As far a a decent Web Presence goes!

And this Web Presence will ONLY GET BETTER Over Time!


Unfortunately, We WordPress Warriors Don’t Have a Hammer.

Peter, Paul and Mary – If I Had A Hammer >

However, We WordPress Warriors R WordPress Developing an Internet Blog AND WordPress *WEBSITES SLUDGE/HAMMER* 4 our 2 GoogleMASTERS > MASTERg and MSg!


a few real estate purchases in NY are wise.



Here is why—>



R those rumors i hear through the grapevine true? (lol)

In regard to this? or not.

if so, Google made a Very Wise Choice. (the same goes 4 that 639K property in Flo-town)

3br – 3BR, 3.5BA Townhouse

in the vibrant Mission! (mission district)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6image 7image 8image 9image 10image 11image 12image 13image 14image 15image 16image 17image 18image 19

more iSLICES coming as the day goes on


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